Why Omsk?

Omsk is located in the center of West-Siberian valley on the banks of the quiet river Irtysh. That’s why no natural disasters like flooding, hurricanes or earthquakes ever happen in Omsk.

Living costs in Omsk, such as food or transport are much lower than those in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. July and August are usually very warm in Omsk, with the average temperature 20–27°С.


Study and living costs are much less in OSTU than in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tomsk or Novosibirsk universities.

OSTU campus is located in the center of Omsk. On the territory of the secured campus there are located student dorms, a dining hall, academic buildings, medical center. The cost of lunch in the dining hall is approximately 150 rubles. The cost of living in the double or triple room is about 150 rubles per day.